Residence Manager - Ward Hill (1270-194)

Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference? At the end of the day do you want to leave work with a sense of fulfillment? Are you a compassionate, caring person who loves helping people? If you answered yes to these questions, then a career as a Residence Manager may be right for you!
As a Residence Manager you will oversee a group home (or homes) for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In your role you will promote a supportive and accepting environment within the home for the residents and their families. The Residence Manager also works closely with the resident's family/guardian to assure that their needs are being met. Additional responsibilities include development and implementation of support services for each resident, including habilitation plans, behavior support plans, individual plans of protection and service plans focused on assisting in improving the residents' quality of life in a way that has meaning for each of them. The Resident Manager is also responsible for ensuring compliance with state certification regulations, funding requirements and other applicable regulations, policies and procedures governing the services and facilities.
The Residence Manager supervises Direct Support Professionals and Assistant Managers working at the residence in an effort to provide a safe, positive environment that reflects the agency values. This includes monitoring utilization of staff and scheduling to ensure appropriate levels of staffing.
Required Skills
Valid NYS Driver's License. Available insured personal vehicle to transport self &/or individuals as necessary.
Must be AMAP certified or able to achieve certification within 6 months of hire.
Computer Skills
Basic Outlook as evidenced by creating and sending messages, working with address books, message handling, creating and using personal folders, scheduling appointments, working with meeting requests & managing tasks.
Intermediate PowerPoint as evidenced by the ability to create and save a presentation, add titles, edit and delete slides, reordering slides, applying slide masters, checking spelling, and adding clip art; as well as use and print notes, changing color schemes, changing fonts, bullets, slide backgrounds; adding a table, changing a slide layout, adding a chart, creating organizational charts, and search & replace.
Intermediate Microsoft Word as evidenced by the ability to produce basic business letters and simple tables and charts; as well as check spelling, set tabs, change page orientation, sort, save, open and organize electronic files; as well as create moderately complex documents containing tables and graphs, and ability to mail merge documents, apply page setup functions (margins, page numbers, footers, headers), create an index and/or table of contents, use search & replace, print labels and envelopes.
Intermediate Excel as evidenced by the ability to use workbooks, create simple formulas, insert and delete data, create and edit charts, filter and sort lists, and format data, link data, create and edit charts, change page orientation, add headers and footers, filter and sort lists, format data, insert rows, enter and sort data and produce graphs and charts.
Other Skills/Knowledge/Experience
Demonstrated ability to lead others.
Excellent organizational skills
Good communication skills, both verbal and written
Must demonstrate sensitivity, accountability, objectivity and tactfulness.
Positive attitude and tolerance for stress.
Ability to make sensitive management decisions, remaining objective even when dealing with emotional topics such as personnel issues, to accomplish program objectives.
Ability to create and maintain a positive, inclusive culture based upon respect, that builds a diverse staff, builds organizational pride, and ensures high performance.
Ability to breakdown clinical care plans in a way that staff can understand and implement.
Ability to demonstrate sensitivity to and respect for the diverse cultural backgrounds and practices of individuals, families, regulatory agencies and staff.
Demonstrated ability to assess, monitor and evaluate needs and progress in program;
Physical Requirements
Standing 10% of the time. Walking 40% of the time. Sitting 50% of the time.
Frequently required to reach, push, and pull.
Occasionally required to climb, stoop, kneel, and lift.
Required to exert up to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 20 pounds of force frequently.
Ability to use medical equipment such as Hoyer, SARA lifts and push/pull wheelchairs and carts (grocery).
Close visual acuity to determine the accuracy, neatness, and thoroughness of the work assigned or perform an activity such as: preparing and analyzing data and figures; transcribing; viewing a computer terminal; extensive reading, or visual inspection.
Provides emergency assistance and administrative consultation as Level I and residence on-call.
Adjusts schedule to be on-site early am, late pm and monthly on the overnights to accomplish tasks.
Required Experience
Bachelor's degree in a Human Service related field. Two years' experience supervising a team and appraising performance of at least 4 full-time staff in a human service environment required. Two years' experience in an OPWDD-regulated residential setting preferred. May consider an equivalent combination of education and experience if applicable. Candidates in their final semester of Bachelor's coursework will be considered.

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